10 girl’s names from songs

Choosing your baby’s name sometimes requires a bit of inspiration. Songs are a great source for this, especially girl’s names. I’ve picked out some classic songs which use gorgeous names that you’ll love.

Ruby by The Kaiser Chiefs


Altogether now:

“Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!
And do you, do you, do you, do you?
Know what you’re doing doing to me?
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby! “

I love this name and would be happy for someone to sing it at me every time they met me

Minnie the Moocher by Cab Calloway


Super cool song, by the amazing Cab Calloway (another great name):

“She was the roughest, toughest frail
But Minnie had a heart as big as a whale”

Maggie May by Rod Stewart


My Auntie Margaret loved Rod Stewart, so I’ve chosen this one in her memory. It’s also a great one:

“Wake up, Maggie, I think I got something to say to you
It’s late September and I really should be back at school”

Lucille by Little Richard


Rock around the clock with this song. It gets me dancing every time.

“Lucille, baby, satisfy my heart.
Lucille, baby, satisfy my heart.
I played for it, baby, and gave you such a wonderful start.”

Layla by Derek and the Dominos


This name is one of my favourites and one I would have chosen if I’d had a daughter:

“Layla, you’ve got me on my knees.
Layla, I’m begging, darling please.
Layla, darling won’t you ease my worried mind.”

Jolene by Dolly Parton


I loved the Strawberry Switchblade version of this when I was a teen. Now I think Dolly has the upper hand:

“Your smile is like a breath of spring
Your voice is soft like summer rain
And I cannot compete with you, Jolene”

Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles


Well, I couldn’t write a blog about songs and not include the Beatles, it just wouldn’t feel right!

“Eleanor Rigby, picks up the rice
In the church where a wedding has been
Lives in a dream”

Oh Mr Jones, thank you for an amazing song to sing at the top of my voice in the car:

“My my my Delilah
Why why why Delilah
So before they come to break down the door
Forgive me Delilah I just couldn’t take any more”

I’m aware that all the songs I’ve chosen are quite old now so I asked my 16 year old niece to recommend a couple. I really liked her suggestions and have a newly found love of Harry Styles now (who knew?!)


There’s a couple of name songs by these guys, the other one’s Kathleen

“Emily just phoned for me to smoke with her
And on her furniture
Discuss how love has been”


OK, so this one’s about the place not the name, but I think it would be a lovely name so it’s going in!:

“She’s got a family in Carolina
So far away, but she says I remind her of home”

Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration here. If you choose a name on my list, I’d love to hear from you. Or, if you’ve chosen another name from a song, let me know in the comments below.

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