10 names for Christmas babies

It won’t have escaped you that Christmas is almost upon us. If you’re expecting a baby at this time of year, you really are playing the waiting game now. You won’t be able to travel far from home and the chances are you won’t feel like doing much more than putting your feet up and counting the days. If you’re still wondering what to call your baby when he or she arrives, look no further. I’ve put together a list of 10 names for Christmas babies. I hope it inspires you.


Mary, you won’t hear the Christmas story without her name being mentioned once or twice! Such a simple, classic name.


Another familiar name from the Christmas story. I love this name, mostly because that’s what we called our oldest son.


There are so many lovely variations of this name, including Angela, Angelica and Angelique, all meaning the same thing – Angel.


The angel who brought a message from God to Mary.
The name means God is my strength in Hebrew.


This beautiful Welsh name means star but also has the feel of peacefulness and serenity to it.


One of the three wise men with a very appropriate name – Treasurer. You could also use the alternatives, Kasper or Jasper


This one couldn’t be more apt. Natalia means Christmas Day in Latin.


Good old Saint Nicholas – Klaus is a shortening of his name and he’s the one that brings the pressies. Thanks Santa Claus.


This is the feminine form of the Welsh name Aneirin and means Snow. It may the only way we’ll get a white Christmas here in the UK!


Here’s a fabulous one for your very own little Christmas Elf. Aelf is Old English for Elf and Raed means to counsel. Perfect

If your baby was born at Christmas, I’d love to hear if you gave them a Christmas/festive themed name. Comment below and tell me all about it!
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