Printing your images

There was much excitement in our house this weekend (mainly from me) as our family album for 2015 arrived.

Family albums, open at page of Italian holiday
For the past 4 years I’ve put together an album with all the photos I’ve taken that year, ones that I’ve taken with my work camera, ones snapped with my iphone and ones my son has lovingly crafted with his point and shoot (mostly of our cats). At the end of every year, I go through all the images, create an album using BobBooks,¬†adding reminders about where we were or what we were up to.
It’s a labour of love and seems to get bigger every year but I wouldn’t be without them now. My boys love looking at them and remembering fun times on holiday, plays taken part in, certificates earned, friends met and new pets. They spend a lot of time marvelling over how much they’ve changed (the teen years means they seem to add an inch to their heights every 6 weeks).
I have plenty of images from before 2012, I just haven’t put them in albums, which means they are sitting on my hard drive not being looked at and enjoyed by the whole family and are at risk of being forgotten altogether. My eventual plan is to get them into albums too, I just have to find the time!

I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. If you have digital images – taken by you or bought from a professional – please print them out, put them on the wall, keep them in your wallet, make them into an album – make sure everybody sees them and that you take pleasure in them as often as you can. They’re precious and wonderful and deserve to be seen.

I’d love to hear and see how you display your images.