Ages and Stages

As a baby photographer, I get to see little ones at so many different stages in their lives. It’s a real privilege, especially seeing the same families returning over and over again.
Lots of parents book in plenty of time for a newborn session but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other opportunities to capture gorgeous images of your little one.
There are so many wonderful opportunities to record moments in your growing family’s life. So. when should you book a photography session with Hushabye Photography? I’ve written a summary of all the different kinds of shoot you could go for and the best times to book them.


4 to 14 days old

Sleepy newborn boy on grey blanket with cute fox hat

I recommend booking a newborn session with me for when your baby’s 4 to 14 days old. It’s best to do this while you’re pregnant, any time after your 20 week scan. If your baby has arrived and you haven’t got round to booking, I will try my best to fit you in so do contact me anyway. I don’t like to photograph babies any younger than 4 days old and I feel that everyone’s still getting over the birth and you all need some time to get used to being a new family.

Sleepy newborn boy on grey blanket in white curved stool on cream background

Newborns are particularly curled up in the first two weeks of their lives. They’re so used to having been in a confined space for nine months. This really works in our favour, we can gets lots of gorgeous shots of your baby looking all squishy. The earlier the shoot, the more sleepy the baby in general (not always!).

Over 14 days old

Sleepy newborn boy on grey blanket in grey woollen hat

If you’ve missed the 2 week point, it’s definitely still worth getting in touch. Every newborn is different but after two weeks lots of babies will still sleep a lot and be curled up. The joy of a slightly older baby is that we are more likely to get awake shots and maybe even a smile

Awake newborn boy on grey blanket

Six Months

Six months is such a great age. Little ones are generally sitting and they have such fun personalities. They haven’t got that stranger fear that develops a bit later and they are full of giggles. Plus, those chunky thighs and rolls are irresistible…

Six month old girl in white nappy cover against floral background

Twelve Months

This is such a milestone. As parents, you’ve made it to the one year mark – well done! It’s definitely worth celebrating. You could do that with a classic cake smash or a simple portrait session. Both are great fun and really bring out your little one’s personality.

Two Years and beyond

Toddlers. Unpredictable, short attention spans and totally adorable. There are still lots of opportunities for photoshoots with older children. You could book a straight portrait session or a special Little Artist session. They’re great fun and young children love them. They have something to keep them occupied while I photograph them and you can take away the work of art they create.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to record your growing family and you don’t need much of an excuse. I’ve had sessions to record the loss of two front teeth, being in a school play and just being very cute!

Book now for your next photography session with Hushabye Photography and let’s make some memories together.