How to attract an older baby’s attention

Photographing newborns is relatively easy – once you have got them to sleep – their eyes are generally closed and they are all sleepy, curled up and easy to pose.

As babies get older and more awake, a new challenge arises, attracting their attention, and keeping it! Now, while I don’t expect or want a baby to be looking at the camera at all times, it is very useful to be able to get them to look my way when I need them to. So, I’m sharing some of my top tips with you, so that you can grab some great shots of your little one looking straight into the lens 🙂

1. From 3 months old, babies will react when you speak their name and will turn towards sounds. They are especially switched on to faces, so I make sure we make eye contact, before I use the camera.

2. For young babies, under 6 months, a simple glittery pom pom should do the trick. As you know, babies love looking at bright lights and windows, it’s almost eerie the way they look straight past you, until you realise they are staring at patches of sunlight on the wall! A glittery pom pom has much the same effect.

3. One of my favourite ways to attract attention is with these fantastic camera lens buddies. I find they are a great hit with babies of 6 months or older. Available in bright colours, they fit easily over your lens and, with the addition of a plastic squeaker sewn into them, little eyes are drawn to them. I began by buying a wonderful lens buddy, 3 or 4 years ago, it has served me very well but has slowly but surely fallen apart with overuse. So, I’ve made of my own from fabric scrunchies from Claire’s Accessories. I simply cut out felt shapes and sewed them on, added googly eyes and a squeaker and hey presto!camera lens buddy

4. Sometimes really simple things work – many little ones will watch my finger, held over my head and then flown around to end up ‘settling’ on top of the lens, at which point, I take the shot!

5. From 14 months, little ones who are starting to develop a sense of humour are fascinated when I balance toy on my head or pretend it is using the camera. Sometimes I sit a doll or toy astride my lens. Breaking conventions and being really silly, will make them stop in their tracks to wonder at that bizarre grown-up. I have no qualms about acting the clown!

I hope these tips help you get some fabulous shots of your babies

Montage of babies looking to camera


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