Baby Book Club – July

This month I’m looking at relationships: parents, friends, family, grandparents. I wanted to find books that explored how we relate to each other – within our family and with friends.

Two Is Enough
by Janna Matthies and Tuesday Mourning

two is enough

This is a great book for parents or grandparents who spend a lot of time one on one with their child. This could be through a parent’s work commitments or single parenthood. It’s so positive about all the things you could do together.

Stick and Stone
by Beth Ferry and Tom Lichtenheld

stick and stone

At first glance stick and stone don’t fit – they’re totally different but they are both lonely. That is until stick helps stone when he’s being bullied and a friendship blossoms.
I love the illustrations in this book and its message of unlikely friendships

Grandma Bird
by Benji Davies

Grandma Bird

The grandparent/grandchild relationship is often very special but it sometimes takes a bit of work. Noi isn’t sure about going to stay with his Grandma, she boiled up seaweed soup and they have to share a bed. But when Noi gets stranded trying to save a bird, grandma rescues him and a new bond is forged.

Gemma and Gus
by Olivier Dunrea

Gemma and Gus

Gemma and Gus are super cute goslings. Gemma is the big sister and whatever she does, Gus does too. After sending him away, Gemma is intrigued by what Gus is doing. It turns out they both like exploring, so they do it together.
Having a younger sibling isn’t always easy but this book is a great read to show children that it’s fun to have someone to share things.

Big Friends
by Linda Sarah and Benji Davies

Big Friends

Birt and Etho are great friends, they have so many amazing adventures together. One day Shu arrives and asks to join in and Birt starts to feel left out and jealous. Can two become three? A lovely book about how to make room in your world for another friend.

One for the adults

by Marcus Sedgwick


I absolutely devoured this book – reading it in a couple of days.
Erik and Merle are bound together – over 7 lives, in 7 different months, from Midsummer to Midwinter, we see them find each other in different ways. In one story they are mother and son, in another siblings and another artist and muse. I love how each story brings a different understanding of love and relationship in its many forms and builds on the story. M