Baby Book Club – September

September is a month of change. Whether it’s welcoming a new baby into the family or starting school, new beginnings seem to be everywhere.
So, I thought I’d explore some books about change and how it can be fun.
If your child is struggling with change take a look at the blog that Sarah Weller of The Weller Way wrote for me.

Goat Goes To Playgroup
by Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt

Goat Goes To Playgroup

Going to playgroup is often the first time children are separated from their parent for any length of time. Follow Goat through his fun filled day at playgroup to help your little one with any questions of worries they might have. Goat sometimes makes a mess, falls off a swing and doesn’t want to join in but it doesn’t stop him having fun.
This is a great rhyming book, with fabulous bright illustrations.

First Day
by Andrew Daddo and Jonathan Bentley

first day

There’s lots of reassurance in this book about how fun the first day of school will be. Mum and daughter get ready together, what will they wear, will they miss each other. There’s a gorgeous twist at the end too.

We Have A Baby
by Cathryn Falwell

We Have A Baby

If you have a new baby coming soon, this book might help to smooth the way. With charming illustrations and simple words, it’s perfect for a toddler.
It will be a great starting point for talking about what it’ll be like to have a new baby in the house.

Snuggle the Baby
by Sara Gillingham

snuggle the baby

This is another sweet way to get your little one excited about a new baby. It’s not really a story but an interactive book that lets toddlers explore things like putting the baby in bed and changing its nappy.

Perfect Square
by Michael Hall

perfect square

Square is perfect, four sides, four corners. Then one day it gets cut into pieces and filled with holes, so it makes itself into a fountain.
Change isn’t always bad, if you’re flexible you can change your mindset and become something new and different.

Little Tree
by Loren Long

little tree

Little tree doesn’t want to let go of his leaves, what would he do without them?
This beautifully illustrated book explains why change is sometimes important to help you grow. How much bigger can we get when we let go of things we think we need.
I love the message in this book, and the changing seasons fit so well with the story.

One For The Parents

by Hope Mirrlees

I asked my son to choose this month’s book. He’s a big reader and wants to be a writer himself. Here’s what he chose and his reasons why.

lud in the mist

In the bustling city of Lud-in-the-Mist, all things relating to the neighbouring country of Faerie are reviled. The denial of the law-abiding citizens means that dangerous fairy fruit is being smuggled into their midst. With children disappearing and Lud in turmoil, the mayor realises that they must evolve if they are to survive. The book explores the importance of change, development and growth, particularly when society becomes stagnant. It’s brilliance is in mixing social commentary and fantasy adventure, while still being sumptuously well-written. Lud-in-the-midst highlights the importance of challenging the status quo.