Birth patterns

When I started Hushabye Photography I figured that the newborn business would work for me as it wasn’t seasonal in the way weddings are – babies are born all year round right? Well, I was wrong! The second half of the year is always much busier for Hushabye. So, I did a little research and what do you know, there is definitely a pattern. I found this really interesting chart, which collates data for births in England and Wales from 1995-2014.

It seems the most popular date to be born is 26th September and the least popular just 3 months later, is Boxing Day. As a whole month, January and February are the quietest for births. My birthday – 12th December – ranks 180 out of 366, so just around the middle. It’s fascinating, do take a look.

If you have a baby on the way this January or February, do get in contact, I’d love to meet you.

Thanks, Janet