newborn girl with floral halo on pink blanket in the froggy pose


It’s best to book a Hushabye newborn session while you’re pregnant; after the 20 week scan is a good time – once your baby arrives, the chances of your finding the time to call and book get less and less likely, there’s suddenly so much else to do! When you phone or email we can pencil in a date around the time you’re due; we can re-adjust this if your baby’s early or late.

If you’ve already had your baby and it’s still under 2 weeks old, call me and I’ll try to fit you in as soon as possible.

I prefer to photograph newborns between 4 and 14 days old, as they’re still very sleepy, curled up and flexible. Some babies stay in this stage for a lot longer, especially if they are born early and can still be posed in most of the positions you can see in the gallery. However, if you fear you’ve missed the boat, call me anyway and we can chat and talk through your options.

Contact me on 07905 053 794 or email at