Britain’s Favourite Baby Names

The report is just out, parent’s favourite names of 2014 see Oliver and Amelia in the number one spots – Oliver for the second and Amelia for the fourth year in a row. There’s some great and familiar names in the top 20 – including Charlie, George, Alfie, Ethan, Ava, Lily, Sophie, Grace, Mia, Ella and Chloe – all names of babies I’ve been lucky enough to photograph 🙂

Ellis, Joey and Jackson are new entries into the top 100. Some names that are moving up the charts fast are Theodore, Teddy, Evelyn and Isla (which has climbed 168th to 3rd place this year). For all you Frozen fans out there, Elsa is also becoming more popular, with twice as many girls (537) named this year. TV series are also influencing new parents with Khaleesi (see Game of Thrones) now the name of 53 girls born in 2014. Harper (David and Victoria’s daughter) has also risen from 160th to 89th place.

You can see the top 10 names here:–england-and-wales/2014/baby-names-in-england-and-wales–2014.html#tab-Top-100-baby-names-in-England-and-Wales-in-2014–boys-and-girls

and an overview of the top 100 here:–england-and-wales/2014/baby-names-in-england-and-wales–2014.html#tab-Top-100-baby-names-in-England-and-Wales-in-2014–boys-and-girls–england-and-wales/2014/baby-names-in-england-and-wales–2014.html#tab-Top-100-baby-names-in-England-and-Wales-in-2014–boys-and-girls