My awesome assistants

I’m so lucky – for 14 months I’ve been using three wonderful women as assistants for my Hushabye newborn sessions. All of them are mothers and each of them absolutely loves babies.
When I was looking for people to help, I knew that I needed assistants who would understand the importance of capturing these early days in a baby’s life. I wanted them to be sympathetic to the needs of tired and emotional new parents, to get what they are going through right at that moment. I couldn’t have asked for three more perfect people to fill that role.

Also, I have to say, it’s revolutionised the way that I shoot and made the whole process so much easier for my clients. Having another person in the session means that parents can totally relax, there is always someone there to comfort and hold the baby when new backdrops are being set up; when we are shooting a tricky shot, there is someone there to make sure the baby is safe and comfortable.

But more than this, my three wonderful assistants bring an extra dimension to the session – they bring their own birth experiences and love of children, their conversation and questions leads us down different avenues, I find things out about my clients that I might otherwise not know. I’m not sure if they totally realise it, but my assistants have made my photography better, our sessions smoother, my clients’ experience richer and their babies sleepier and extra specially doted on. For this and so much more, I thank them xxxx

montage of assistants in behind the scenes shots