Project Pick Me Up with The Organised Mum

I’ve known Gemma for a few years now (she helped me out with this lovely project: and she’s always struck me as such a positive, energetic woman, which is why I was surprised and intrigued when she embarked on Project Pick Me Up over on her The Organised Mum Blog

So, as I’m discussing ways to look after yourself as a parent, I thought I’d have a chat with her about how it came about and what the results of the project were.

Just to reiterate, here are three things you could do for yourself every day:

  1. Eat well and drink enough water
  2. Get out the house for fresh air and positive movement of some kind
  3. Take a moment to spend some time on yourself (read a book, take a bath, do your nails, complete a crossword)

Catch up fully on Gemma’s project – including her brush with the Daily Mail – here: