Ten top tips for getting baby to sleep

I’m very pleased to be able to bring you another guest blog on a subject that I know will be useful and informative for you.
Many thanks to Louise Cross of Hush A Bye Baby Sleep Training (popular name huh?!) for writing this for me 🙂

montage of newborn yawns

Children and sleeping it’s either great or rubbish! When I was a nanny the children I looked after always slept for me and generally didn’t have too many problems, but then I became a mum!

We decided to have a loft extension so my baby boy had to sleep in our room and yes I bought him into our bed and cuddled him to sleep so we could get some sleep and because it was just easier. Fast forward a few months and we have a lovely new loft bedroom….. but also a baby who doesn’t want to sleep in his cot on his own.

So my husband and I took it in turns to gradually make our way out of our son’s room and that sometimes meant sleeping-I mean sitting/laying on the floor – next to the cot getting him to sleep. But it did work and since then he is a great sleeper.

Having had this experience, being a nanny and a childminder, I realised I wasn’t the only mum who had a child who didn’t want to sleep. There are lots of mums and dads out there struggling so I thought I would use my knowledge and experience to help others, I also did a sleep training course with MNT to learn more.

The most common struggles my clients face are children waking during the night, children wanting to come into your bed and trying to give up the night time feed.

I recently helped a mum who was getting up 2-3 times a night to her 18 month old and giving him milk to get him back to sleep. We met up and discussed the issues and made a plan from the information she gave me.

The sleep plans are all tailor made to fit in with your family as everyone is different. We did have to try a couple of different ideas before we found the right one and the little boy now sleeps all night with no milk and the mum is happier and less tired. The little boy is also eating better as he is not having so much milk.

So how do you go about getting your baby into good sleep habits?

Here are a few tips from me – aside from don’t get a loft conversion!

  1. Have a good calm relaxed bedtime – bath, massage, story all in a calm and relaxed way
  2. Once upstairs stay upstairs or in the bedroom – try to stay in the bathroom then bedroom so take everything you need with you so the children know its nearly bedtime and not playtime or TV time
  3. Be determined and stick to your plan – no matter how hard it is stick to your plan and remember why you are doing it so you can have some me time or a decent night’s sleep
  4. Once you have said goodnight try not to talk again if you have to go in – try to avoid eye contact if you have to go in, lay them down and walk away. If you really want to say something then stick to the same goodnight saying
  5. Try to have milk while having a story – this way the baby/child will not fall asleep whilst drinking and will hopefully go to bed drowsy but not asleep
  6. Dark rooms and not too hot or cold – black out blinds are great I used them with both my children and children’s rooms should be 18c
  7. Try to avoid stimulating activities an hour before bed – try if possible to play calming games, looking at books so they are calm and relaxed as you go into your bedtime routine
  8. Try to stick to a set time for bed  – babies and children like routine so sticking to 7pm or 7.30pm lets them get the idea that that time is bedtime
  9. Put babies in the cot when they are drowsy but not asleep. Older children put to bed awake when you say goodnight and aim for them to be asleep within 15 minutes – this helps them get to sleep by themselves
  10. Try to keep daytime naps and routine consistent – as this helps with the night time sleeping

Are you struggling to get your baby/child into good sleep habits and need more help? Then why not give me a call or drop me an email and together we can work out a plan to help you.

Louise Cross 07774400148



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