Trust – core values at Hushabye


When my sons were little I was often overwhelmed by the trust they unquestioningly had in me. From holding my hand as we crossed the road to jumping from the side of the swimming pool into my arms. They always believed I would be there for them, to guide them and keep them safe. Of course, I always was. As parents it’s our role to keep that trust alive; a challenge which is ever changing as our children grow up.

For me, this has informed how I think about my relationship with you, my clients. I feel very privileged that you trust me to photograph you and your children at the key moments of your family’s life. I work hard to justify that trust.

young girl and grandparents hands


Which leads me, in a roundabout way, to the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). I imagine that most of you will have heard of or had to make changes to come into line with the new requirements. It’s certainly something I’ve discussed a lot with other local business owners.

GDPR requires that companies are completely transparent about the data they hold on their customers. We must let you know how we store it and how we intend to use it. I’ve always been very open policy about the data I keep and always ask permission to add people to my mailing list and use session photos on my website and social media. It’s important for me to maintain the relationship of trust we’ve built. So for me, GDPR is simply a matter of firming up this policy, ensuring that I have permissions written down and letting clients know how their data is stored and kept safe.

As a result, I now have a privacy policy on my website, which details this. You can read it here
I’ll also be using new contracts and model release forms too. In my view, GDPR will serve to strengthen the trust my clients past, present and future can put in me.