Creating a yearly photo album

I know I mention this every January, but I have just pressed the send button on our yearly photo album. Opening the parcel from the printer is such a joy and brings the last twelve months flooding back.

You can check out the blog I wrote 5 years ago about this – I still feel the same

Printing your yearly photo album

I speak to lots of clients who plan to create a yearly album but never get round to it. I guess it’s a bit daunting, working out which printer to use, how to work the software and what photos to include. So I’ve put together some tips to help you on your way. Once you get started, it’s really fun.


I use Bob Books to print my family albums, I love the print quality and I know the software really well now
There are lots of printers on-line now though, so take a look around and find the one that works for you. Here are a few others that you might like to check out

Some companies have downloadable software, so that you can design off-line on your computer. Others are cloud based and linked to your image bank/storage.


This part can be a bit daunting, there are so many options. That’s what’s exciting though isn’t it?! The software is designed to make the whole process easier. I’ve created some example pages for you – so that you can see what might work for you

Photobook layout ideas

You can choose how many images you want to use and the software will give you a variety of options of layouts. These aren’t set in stone, you can still move them around a change the dimensions to your preference.

Photobook layout ideas

This is my go-to page design. I like to make a collage and then add some text about what we were doing. There’s lots of scope for adding text under each image if you want to.
If I have a lot of photos on one theme – perhaps a holiday and birthday – I’ll add a title at the top of the page too.

Photobook layout ideas

Most software will have clipart so you can jazz up your pages and add titles etc.

Photobook layout ideas

This one’s a little too much for me but it could be fun for a whole page spread!

What images should I use?

There’s a simple answer to this – everything!! I collect images from all our smart phones as well as professional shots. If you have special drawings, tickets or receipts you want to include, you could either photograph or scan them.

Put images in an ‘album’ folder throughout the year. Name them with the month and date so that you don’t forget.

If it all feels a bit like too much work, most software will have an auto-fill option, which will take your images and build the pages for you. So, there’s really no excuse is there?

I’d love to hear about your yearly photo album and how you create it. Please let me know in the comments below.

If you’d like some professional photographs to add to your album, please get in touch, I’d love to help

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