My baby

My oldest baby turned 14 today.

My son when he was 6 months old and now at 14 years old

I made him listen to my diary entry on his first birthday (he’s too young to hear the diary entry for his actual birth!!). It took me right back to being a new mum and that first terrifying and wonderful year. I hope you all treasure this time with your babies, they grow so fast, into incredible human beings.

“I cannot believe that Joseph is a year old. I spent today thinking “this time last year I was…”

We spent a lovely day with all our family and Tiffany and Chris (Joseph’s Godparents). This last year has been a rollercoaster ride but at one year Joseph is a sensitive, giggling, intelligent, book-loving, impatient and beautiful boy. At the moment he seems to want to cuddle lots and, although he’s crawling, he still prefers me or Jon to collect things and bring them to him.

He says lots of words – cat, dog, mumum, dadad, nanan and I’m sure I’ve also heard him trying to say grandad and bird. He does the baby signs for bird, fish and sometimes cat. He is very good at communicating and this is often frustrating for him as he wants us to give him something he really can’t have like a glass of wine, a fork or sharp knife. Still, Joseph, you are a delight to all who meet you and you have many fans at church, in the family and at both my and Jon’s work. Perhaps a year is a good time to stop this diary. Perhaps I’ll fill it with pictures of you, Joseph. I love you”