Tenderness – core values at Hushabye

A couple of months ago, I went to a networking meeting with MIB Network (Mums in Business). At the end we chose random cards from Danielle LaPorte’s truth bomb cards. Mine read “Tenderness is Mighty”. Something about that phrase really resonated with me and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

Tenderness is mighty, Danielle Laporte, truth bomb

What is a core value?

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These are both words that mean so much to me when I meet my clients. I try to keep them both in the forefront of my mind in all areas of my business. I hope they shine through.

Why Tenderness?

So, why does tenderness matter for Hushabye Photography and why is it a core value?
The definition of tenderness is:
1. gentleness and kindness
2. sensitivity to pain; soreness
3. softness
When you think about it, all of these apply to becoming a parent!

I distinctly remember being extremely tender in all kinds of ways in those first weeks after childbirth. Everything from my neck downwards hurt. Breastfeeding was painful and not always successful. Walking was a long, slow process and I was exhausted. Added to that, my emotions were all over the place. Just watching a child on a TV advert could make me cry. All of it was countered by the tenderness I saw in my family and friends’ faces and actions when they met my son.

When you come for a newborn session, you’ll probably be feeling many of the same things as I was, I totally empathise! I can promise that we’ll treat both you and your baby with great tenderness. You’ll have time to sit and relax, with refreshments on hand and a comfy sofa to doze on if you want. My assistant and I will make sure your baby is also comfy and in the mood to doze, so that we can take the photographs that you’ll treasure forever.

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